17 RV Storage Hacks You Won’t Believe You’ve Never Tried

One of my wife’s biggest complaints about our camper is the lack of storage.  And we even have a bigger camper!  In the effort to cram an entire house into a 30 ft trailer forest river just made a lot of the stuff smaller.  We needed some RV Storage Hacks in a bad way!

My bedroom closet is only 14 inches wide!

That’s just not enough room to store everything we need, especially for a longer trip.  With four kids we have a larger family than most by modern standards.  The two oldest are already grown into adults, and yes, they still camp with us!  We really have to get creative and organized to make it work.

After an immeasurable time spent on Pinterest and various RV blogs I’ve compiled a list of the best RV Storage Hacks I’ve found, along with a few we came up with ourselves.


RV Storage Hack #1

Add Stackable Storage Drawers to Closets

RV Storage Hacks - Stackable Drawer in Closet

Camper closets often consist of no more than a small area behind a door.  Consider yourself lucky if there’s a hanger rod.  Eliminate the falling pile of clothes by adding these stackable drawers.

Make sure to measure your closet and get the right size.





RV Storage Hack #2

Magnetic Spice Rack

RV Storage Hacks - Magnetic Spice Rack

I first saw this on the Just-Our-Little-Family blog and it’s genius.  I love to cook.  More importantly I love to cook while camping!  I want to bring all my wonderful spices with me so I can cook up delicious food for my family.

You can use this magnetic spice rack and jars from Amazon and hang it with command strips or Velcro so it can be stored during travel.






RV Storage Hack #3

Command Hook Towel Holder

RV Storage Hacks - Command Hook Towel Holder

Command hooks are super versatile.  Save this link because they’ll be used a lot more in this post.  A simple hook on the wall can easily hold a towel.

For an even more elegant solution Command also sells an actual towel holder designed to be hung with command strips.






RV Storage Hack #4

Install Bedside Caddies for Books, Magazines, and Small Items

RV Storage Hacks - bedside caddy

These bedside caddies are available on Amazon and can store and organize a lot more than you’d think.








RV Storage Hack #5 

Shower curtain Storage

RV Storage Hacks - bathroom storage

Limited storage for the shower items?  Camping world sells the shower organizer pictured.  I’m also fond of this mesh shower organizer.  The mesh helps allow the toiletries to dry off which limits mold growth.







RV Storage Hack #6

Add Extra Shelves in Pantry With Storage Racks

RV Storage Hacks - Storage Racks

Measure your pantry and find storage racks that fit inside.  Ours holds two of the linked racks perfectly.  Make sure you measure and get the right size.  You want a reasonably exact fit so that they don’t slide around during travel.







RV Storage Hack #7

Make a Cabinet Door Organizer

RV Storage Hacks - pocket organizerKelly at Imperfect Homemaking came up with this great idea to modify a pocket organizer to hang on the inside of a door with Command hooks.  She made her own but I found these small door organizers that would work great if you want to save time.







RV Storage Hack #8

Add Cork Board on Cupboard Doors

RV Storage Hacks - corkboard

The folks over at Love Your RV posted this tip on attaching cork board to the inside of cupboard doors.  It’s great for recipes, lists, or notes.








RV Storage Hack #9

Hand Command Hooks in Shower for Luffas or Wash Cloths

RV Storage Hacks - Luffa Hanger

Those command hooks are everywhere, right?  Hang them in the shower and you can keep luffas and wash cloths accessible.








RV Storage Hack #10

Hang Baskets with Command Hooks

RV Storage Hacks - Command Hook Baskets

Seriously, I don’t work for 3M (the company behind command products) but these things are really handy.  Get small plastic baskets and you can hang them literally anywhere with command hooks.  Put them in the shower for toiletries, by the kids beds to store phones and small toys, or inside the under-the-sink cabinet door for more convenient storage.





RV Storage Hack #11

Mount a Paper Plate Holder

RV Storage Hacks - Paper Plate Dispenser

Install this paper plate holder under your cabinet shelf to free up pantry or cabinet space for a great RV Storage Hack.








RV Storage Hack #12

Add Drawers to your Table

RV Storage Hacks - Drawers

RV-Adventuring came up with a great idea and installed drawers under their dinette table.





RV Storage Hack #13

Use Cargo Nets to Store Shoes

RV Storage Hacks - Shoe Storage Net

I found this one all over pinterest but couldn’t find the actual original poster to give them credit.  Whoever it is was a genius though because I hate the pile of shoes by the door.

This is made with a basic automotive cargo net and some screws.






RV Storage Hack #14

Magazine Holder for Toilet Paper

RV Storage Hacks - Extra-Toilet-Paper-in-the-Magazine-Holder

This comes from cooldiyideas.  Use a magazine holder to store extra toilet paper in the bathroom.








RV Storage Hack #15

Magazine Rack for Foil and Plastic Wrap

RV Storage Hacks - Magazine Rack for Foil

While we’re re-purposing our old magazine racks they can also be hung up in cabinet doors to hold foil, plastic wrap, and other kitchen items.  This is perfect for the under-the-sink cabinet door.

Hint: This is another job for command strips.

I orginally saw this on www.generalrv.com but the referenced finding it on www.thekitchn.com.  I don’t have the direct link to their post though.




RV Storage Hack #16

Store Curling Irons with PVC Holders

RV Storage Hacks - PVC Iron Holders

Thanks to abitofbeesknees.com for this great DIY idea.  Cut PVC down to size and attach to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door to hold those curling irons.

PVC – It’s not just for plumbing anymore!





RV Storage Hack #17

Folding Kitchen Island

RV Storage Hacks - Folding Kitchen IslandWe love our island at home.  It’s probably the single most used piece of furniture in the house.  Many RV and camper kitchens are large enough to hold an island but only when the slides are out.

You need an island that you can put away when you leave camp.

The Origami Kitchen Cart is just that.  Opened up it provides an additional 20×25 work space as well as two shelves.  It conveniently folds up flat for storage.

This actually solves two problems, storage and counter-space.  No, the picture isn’t from an RV, it’s just the stock product image.

These ideas can really help clean up the clutter in a camper or RV and make the whole experience more enjoyable.  A lot of them work in homes too.

Let me know if you used any of these ideas and how they worked for you.

Got any more storage ideas?  Let me know and I might add it to this list and of course I’ll credit you with the idea.


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