Pinch of Smoke is a site for anyone who loves cooking outdoors.  Whether you are into cooking at camp or on the backyard this is your kinda place.

At www.pinchofsmoke.com you will find:

  • Recipes and directions specifically for outdoor cooking
  • Tips and techniques for grilling, smoking, dutch ovens, and open flame cooking
  • Informational and howto articles

About Pinch of Smoke

In 2017 I started my first blog.  crazyoutdoorsguy.com.  I had been doing a lot of camping and wanted to help others with it.  What I found was I was doing more recipes than anything else and the site just didn’t seem to fit.  It needed a clearer focus.  So in January of 2018 I started thinking about what else I could be doing.  I enjoyed the cooking element of what I had been previously working on and decided to create a new site with more of a food blog focus yet still dedicated to the outdoors.  If you’re reading this in 2018, especially early 2018, you’ll probably notice that there isn’t much here yet.  I’m still working on it.  If you are reading this sometime in the future, and the site looks great, then please drop me a comment and let me know I need to update this page.

You might notice that I don’t have fancy backgrounds.  In fact, often the background is a picnic table.  Many of the pictures I take are from preparing the recipes at camp.  I think that adds a certain realism to this site and helps keep it down to earth.

About Me

Selfie, backpacking in the woods.

My name is David Brewer.  If you’re still reading we probably have a lot in common.  By trade I’m an IT manager, which helps me manage the technical end of this site.  At home I’m a laid back family man, husband, and father of four.  We love to camp and spend time outdoors.  I can’t say I’m the cook of the family, because my wife is a fantastic cook too!  But I do take the lead on cooking with fire.  Whether on the grill or at camp I pride myself in cooking things outdoors and challenging myself to cook something new.

I don’t claim to be an expert.  I’ve messed up my fair share of dinners before too.  Like most, I’m still learning.  But I’m happy to share in that journey with you and tell you what I’ve learned so far.  That’s really what this blog is about, connecting with others who also enjoy the art of cooking outdoors.  So leave me a note below.  Tell me what you liked about this site, or what’s still missing.  Do you have a great recipe you want shared?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you and get to know you better.  And most of all, thank you for reading my blog!