Affiliate Disclaimer

Unfortunately the world doesn’t run on sunshine and unicorn farts.  Because it takes money to get things done, like pay for hosting and buy new grilling accessories, I have to generate a little bit off this site.  Trust me, it’s not much and I still have to work a full time job.  I’d love to get this site big enough to do this full time, but I’m a long long ways off.

In order to make some money I sign up for affiliate programs.  Many of the links you see to products will be affiliate links.  What this means is if you click the link and purchase a product then I will receive a small kickback from the vendor at absolutely no cost to you.  If you’d like to help support my site, or just say thanks for what you’ve learned, then please click on one of the Amazon links and any purchase you make within 24 hours will help support this site.

This is going to sound corny.  Amazon gives me a report of what was purchased. When I see products I recommended on there it’s really touching.  Something about knowing that someone read an article or recipe of mine, saw a product I liked, and went ahead and purchased it too.  It’s putting your money where your mouth is and really shows that you liked the content.

Amazon and other affiliate programs hold their affiliates to the highest ethical standards.  Part of that is a transparent disclaimer statement of the program.  All of the disclaimer statements for affiliate programs I participate in are below.

Legal Disclaimers

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